Success Stories


1. Roxanna Croteau , Partner in Play


“As a QRIS provider, FIRST 5 of Santa Clara County has provided me with professional development such as formal education, ongoing trainings; program assessments (ECCRS, FCCERS); program feedback; and developmental screening tools (ASQ, DRDP) necessary to vastly improve the quality of care for the children enrolled in my FCC program.

One program to help improve my teaching practices related to CLASS is through convenient Teachstone online videos. Lastly, the families and children enjoy Raising a Reader book bags so now the children prefer books as their first free choice activity in the mornings. Prior to becoming a QRIS provider I did not have access to any of above supports. Thank you FIRST 5!”

“Prior to becoming a QRIS provider, I did not have access to any of above supports.”

— Partner in Play


2. Nguyen Sanders, Natural Foundations Preschool


Through my involvement in QUALITY MATTERS, I have been fortunate enough to participate in SEEDS, RAR, My Teachstone, and the MA cohort. I have changed and improved my teaching practices because of what I learned in SEEDS, RAR, and My Teachstone. Now in the MA cohort, I am learning about my role as an advocate for equity and justice for the children and families in my community. QUALITY MATTERS has profoundly impacted me as a teacher and I in turn am using what I learned to impact my community positively.


3. Dr. Dianna J. Ballesteros, Alum Rock Union Elementary School District


QUALITY MATTERS…a STRONG START for kids in Santa Clara County has brought a well-defined framework to our early learning work.  The common vision to serve families and young children with a wide range of services is credited to QUALITY MATTERS. In a driven collaborative manner, the well-designed pathway of QUALITY MATTERS, has provided a space for like-minded organizations to scaffold our work in concerted efforts with the sole mission of service, by using a meaningful holistic approach, which maximizes our early learning efforts in Santa Clara County. Each time I leave the QUALITY MATTERS meetings, I feel satisfied and fulfilled that I have the privilege to be part of a high quality matters movement that is transforming, enhancing, and creating health and educational changes for our communities of families, children, and those of us who choose to serve.